Ben & Cameo McHenry

Swing Pros, WCS Intensive leaders

Ben and Cameo McHenry (BAMEO) have made 7  Open Classic Division finals, placed top 3 in multiple NASDE Classic Divisions including 3rd and 4th at The Open Swing Dance Championships.  Cameo is the reigning champion of The Open Classic Division with partner Ben Morris.

Ben & Cameo combine knowledge from many components of dancing in general, movement/body mechanics, and WCS specifically. They are known for focusing on many of the most complicated concepts in WCS, and finding ways to simplify them, making them easier to understand and apply. Whether they are teaching, running events, performing, or just social dancing, their goal is to spread their love and passion for WCS to dancers all over the world, and they look forward to many of years of doing just that.

7 - 10 PM

July 9 Thursday

WCS Intensive

8 PM - 9 PM

July 11 Saturday

Pro Show

Performances by Ben & Cameo, Jake & Mackenzie and Shay & Erica

Pro/All-Star Swustle J&J