Arrival Information!

Hi Folks, it’s only a week away now!  Here’s some important information needed to get here:


Arrival by plane:

The TOSHC hotel is the Sheraton Toronto Airport Hotel  at 801 Dixon Road.  It is not the Sheraton Gateway Hotel in Toronto International Airport.

If you’re arriving between midnight and 3am, call the hotel at 416-675-6100 and they will send a shuttle out.


If you’re arriving at Terminal 1:

– Go to the Ground Level, then go outside and wait at Post S5.  You’re looking for a white shuttle bus that has the Sheraton logo and the Crown Plaza logo.  It should come by at 20 minutes past the hour and 50 minutes past the hour.


If you’re arriving at Terminal 3:

– Go to Post 41.  The shuttle should pass by at 15 minutes past the hour and 45 minutes past the hour.  You’re looking for a white shuttle bus that has the Sheraton logo and the Crown Plaza logo.


Arrival by car:

The hotel is charging TOSHC attendees $10 per day to park.  If you’re an overnight guest, give reception your plate number at checkin and the charges will be added to your bill.  If you’re not staying overnight, use the pay kiosks and select the TOSHC option to get the $10 rate.  The hourly rate is $3 so if you’re only staying for less than 4 hours, that might be your best option.

Workshop Practice Time

Have you ever wanted to practice what you’ve just learned in a workshop, but were unable to because you had to rush to your next one? Have you ever needed a break between workshops to grab a bite, a change, or to register for a comp before the deadline? This year at TOSHC, we’re seeing if people like 45 minute workshops to allow time for the video recap and all of the above!

Help Us Out

We need staff for door monitors, T-shirt sales, and to make signage.  Get a discount from your event pass or comp!  See here after you’ve clicked Read More.

All-Canadian J&J Cancelled

Apologies to those that were looking forward to this, but we had to cancel this competition due to time limitations.  We’re running a full schedule!  May we suggest one of our Levelled Pro-Am Jack and Jills instead?