Frequently Asked

Leveled Workshops and Auditioning

Your WSDC standing determines what level of workshops you can take (ie: Newcomer/Novice, Intermediate, Advanced).  If you have no WSDC standing you need to audition to be able to take a workshop above Novice.  If you want to take a higher levelled workshop than your WSDC level, you would need to audition to be allowed into the higher level workshop.


Hustle workshops are similarly levelled using the Hustle Dance Tour points system.  Look for your points in the HDT Registry.  Again if you have no HDT points, you need to audition to take a Hustle workshop above Novice, and you would also need to audition to be allowed into a higher level workshop than the level you are in.

Day Passes

With a Day Pass, you can take any of the workshops that day, and social dance throughout the day between breaks in the main ballroom activities (unless it’s closed), social dance until the ballrooms close that night, and watch all the performances and competitions.

Refund Policy

You may transfer any Weekend Pass, Competition or Intensive to another attendee simply by notifying us at of your intention.  The transfer of funds from the recipient to yourself is your responsibility.


We will continue our policy of providing refunds for injury or illness.


Fees will be refunded for any competitions cancelled.