801 Dixon Road. Toronto, ON M9W 1J5, Canada Phone: (416) 675-6100

Reservations: 866 932-7058

Online Reservations for TOSHC Room Block
Sheraton Toronto Airport public website
The TOSHC room block rate of CAD $123/night for single or double occupancy should be available from July 10 through July 20, 3 days before and after the event.  Unfortunately, for Friday and Saturday July 14 and 15, our room block is sold out.  You might give it a try anyways just in case a room comes available.  Another choice is to room with someone – advertise in our Rides, Roomies and SS Partners Facebook Group.  Also, you can message Scott Hughes to get on a wait list for rooms that TOSHC people are giving up.


There will be a charge for parking at a discounted rate for TOSHC of $10/day.


Free WiFi will be available in guest rooms and the ballroom.