All of the Pros are available for private lessons.  Contact them directly to arrange this.  To do that, hover or touch their picture below to get their website or facebook property.  In some cases, neither is available so contact us and we’ll put you in touch.

[gtc_team title_tag=”h2″ soc_enabled=”true” soc_icon1=”fa fa-cloud” thumbnail=”2782″ name=”John Lindo” position=”Head Judge” link=”” soc_link1=””]
[gtc_team title_tag=”h2″ soc_enabled=”true” soc_icon1=”fa fa-facebook-square” soc_icon2=”fa fa-cloud” thumbnail=”2784″ name=”Robert Royston” position=”Master of Ceremonies” soc_link1=”” link=”” soc_link2=””]
[gtc_team title_tag=”h2″ soc_enabled=”true” soc_icon1=”fa fa-cloud” thumbnail=”2785″ name=”Arjay Centeno” link=”” soc_link1=”” description=”One of the fastest male dancers to climb the ranks to the Champions division, Arjay has developed a reputation for his unique teaching style, and his innovative patterns and musicality.

Arjay currently competes, judges, coaches, choreographs and teaches all over the world.”]

[gtc_team title_tag=”h2″ soc_enabled=”true” soc_icon1=”fa fa-cloud” soc_icon2=”fa fa-video-camera” thumbnail=”2793″ name=”Cameo Cross and Ben McHenry” link=”” soc_link1=”” soc_link2=””]
[gtc_team title_tag=”h2″ soc_enabled=”true” soc_icon1=”fa fa-cloud” thumbnail=”2788″ name=”Dawn Lara & Nino Digiulio” link=”” description=”Dawn Lara is recognized as one of the top Hustle dancers and teachers in the nation, winning several major Hustle competitions. She continues to compete nationally in the Advanced & Pro level for West Coast Swing.

Nino DiGiulio is among the most versatile social dancers today. With his mastery and entertaining style in leading group lessons with several thousand people at a time, Nino brings the art of teaching dance to a higher level.” soc_link1=””]

[gtc_team title_tag=”h2″ soc_enabled=”true” soc_icon1=”fa fa-cloud” thumbnail=”2791″ name=”Lisa D’Amico” link=”” soc_link1=””]
[gtc_team title_tag=”h2″ thumbnail=”2795″ name=”Derek and Demery Levya”]
[gtc_team title_tag=”h2″ thumbnail=”2796″ name=”Jameson Kilburn and Daniel McGee”]
[gtc_team title_tag=”h2″ soc_enabled=”true” soc_icon1=”fa fa-facebook-square” thumbnail=”3135″ name=”Doug Rousar” soc_link1=”″]
[gtc_team title_tag=”h2″ soc_enabled=”true” soc_icon1=”fa fa-facebook-square” thumbnail=”2797″ name=”Mary Adams” link=”” soc_link1=””]
[gtc_team title_tag=”h2″ soc_enabled=”true” soc_icon1=”fa fa-cloud” thumbnail=”2798″ name=”Julie Epplett” link=”” soc_link1=””]
[gtc_team title_tag=”h2″ thumbnail=”3014″ name=”Nelson Clarke”]
[gtc_team title_tag=”h2″ soc_enabled=”true” soc_icon1=”fa fa-cloud” thumbnail=”2800″ name=”Maria Ford” link=”” soc_link1=””]
[gtc_team title_tag=”h2″ soc_enabled=”true” soc_icon1=”fa fa-cloud” thumbnail=”2801″ name=”Shelley Saxena” description=”Shelley has danced, studied and competed in West Coast Swing for 18 years. It is her passion and my specialty. In 2012, she was honoured to be the feature dancer in the September issue of Vibrance Magazine.

Currently she teaches, demos, and competes in the dance. The competition journey has lifted her to the All-Star level of the World Swing Dance Council point structure.” link=”” soc_link1=””]

[gtc_team title_tag=”h2″ thumbnail=”2802″ name=”Joanna Swanson” description=”Joanna has obtained her Canadian dance teacher’s Licentiate level teaching certificate for International Latin and a certificate in teaching West Coast Swing from the Global Professional Dance Teachers Association (GPDIA). WCS and Hustle are her favourite dances, and she travels to compete across Canada and the United States in these styles. Highlights of her competitions so far have included podium placements in both dances and the thrill of performing a Hustle routine. Joanna’s favourite part of competing is in Pro-Ams with her students and she frequently dominates Pro-Am divisions. Over the years, her many students have won innumerable awards in Pro-Am competitions. She is widely known as an honest coach and excellent communicator with a great eye for detail.”]
[gtc_team title_tag=”h2″ soc_enabled=”true” soc_icon1=”fa fa-facebook-square” thumbnail=”3063″ name=”Helen Tocco” position=”DJ” soc_link1=””]
[gtc_team title_tag=”h2″ soc_enabled=”true” soc_icon1=”fa fa-facebook-square” thumbnail=”3065″ name=”Koichi Tsunoda” position=”DJ” soc_link1=””]