Leveled Workshops and Auditioning

New in 2018 is No-Audition Leveled Workshops!  This is essentially self-assessment of your level.  If you attend an Intermediate or Advanced workshop and the material is too difficult for you, 1) the teachers will be encouraged not to bring the level of their instruction down, 2) others in the workshop want to learn the material so please recuse yourself from the rotation and audit the workshop, and 3) the teacher may ask you to sit out from the rotation so you’re not holding someone back.

Day Passes

With a Day Pass, you can take any of the workshops that day, and social dance throughout the day between breaks in the main ballroom activities (unless it’s closed), social dance until the ballrooms close that night, and watch all the performances and competitions.

Refund Policy

You may transfer any Weekend Pass, Competition or Intensive to another attendee simply by notifying us at toshcreg@gmail.com of your intention.  The transfer of funds from the recipient to yourself is your responsibility.


We will continue our policy of providing refunds for injury or illness.


Fees will be refunded for any competitions cancelled.

The High/Low Competition

Unique to TOSHC, in this competition Intermediate and above dancers will be partnered with Novice and below dancers.  The partner you are assigned in preliminaries will be your partner through to finals.  (If there is an imbalance of leaders and followers, you may have two partners and have to dance twice in a heated or spotlighted final.)


What’s unique about our High/Low is that High Leads/Low Follows will be mixed with High Follows/Low Leads.  This makes the competition similar to the All-American, where dancers of all levels compete together.  The difference here is that two high ranked dancers cannot be partnered.


If you are a dancer that has no WSDC or HDT ranking, please evaluate yourself fairly.

What is a Fly-In Weekend Pass?

Also unique to TOSHC, this is a discount offered to attendees that have taken an airplane to come to our event.  Just show us your boarding pass at registration to qualify and get your wristband.  This pass comes with all the same privileges as a regular Weekend Pass.

Spectator Passes

The Spectator Pass is good for watching competitions, performances and social dancing in the main ballroom. On Friday, this starts at 9:30pm. On Saturday, this starts at 3pm. On Sunday, this starts at 2pm.  It does not allow entry to workshops; nor does it allow social dancing.