Welcome Toronto Swing Dance Society members to TOSHC 2018!

Below are the Promo Codes you use in TOSHC Registration to obtain your 10% discounts.
Please note – these discounts are only available to members of the Toronto Swing Dance Society.  We will verify your membership with TSDS if you use them.
Item Regular Price Promo Code Discount Amount TSDS Price
Earlybird Weekend Pass $170 TSDS_EARLY $17 $153
Weekend Pass $180 TSDS_ATEVENT $18 $162
Friday Day Pass $100 TSDS_FRIDAY $10 $90
Saturday Day Pass $120 TSDS_SATURDAY $12 $108
Sunday Day Pass $80 TSDS_SUNDAY $8 $72
Use these codes in the World Dance Registry shopping cart as shown below.  The shopping cart is presented after you select the recipient of the Pass, Intensives, and/or Competitions you wish to purchase.
If you’ve already purchased one of the discounted items, we will refund you your discount at the Registration desk at TOSHC.
Use the form below if you have any questions, or just send email to toshcreg@gmail.com