WSDC Rules

WSDC Points Registry Document 7-1-2015



407 Dahlia Corona del Mar, CA 92625


Division / Skill Level


WC101 / Newcomer

Skill level – beginner or new competitor; have earned no points; not offered at all events


Skill level – have earned less than 15 Novice points


Skill level – have earned 15 or more Novice points; and less than 30 Intermediate points


Skill level – have earned 30 or more Intermediate points

All Star

Skill level – have earned 45 or more Advanced points within 3 years prior to this event


Skill level – as defined by the event


Age based – less than 18 years of age (all skill levels)


Age based – more than 50 years of age (and often, plus skill level requirements)


This new structure/points recorded was effective February 1, 2015, and past points will not be affected. This version is just a clarification July 1, 2015. The Tiers are based solely on the number of Competitors and not the size of the Event. The Competitor’s Points Registry must be used to determine dancers’ qualified skill level for both the Promoter and the Contestant.


Points are recorded for current WSDC Registry Member Events for Jack & Jill competition results only and only for the divisions listed above. Points that are recorded but don’t move you to another level/division: Juniors, Newcomer, Masters, All Star, and Champion/Pro/Invitational. Points that are recorded but DO/CAN move you to another level/division: Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced. Points will be recorded based on the Tiers below which is determined by number of Competitors.


The Event Director is responsible to report the results of Jack & Jill competitions to the WSDC within 10 days of their event. They are responsible for advising the WSDC how many contestants were in each category, thereby setting up the Tier level for recording points, as stated below. Event Directors are responsible for informing contestants of the point structure detailed below, and skill levels as defined above, as well as having a Petition Process in place. Points are not input into the database until full results and dollar surcharge are turned into the WSDC from the Event Director.


The Competitor is responsible for knowing your WSDC assigned competitor ID number, and informed of these rules. Please use your ID number when signing up for J&J contests at Events. Competitors should know what division they should be competing in but use the Points Registry for rules if you are unsure.


Points are recorded as follows: When number of competitors is “uneven”, points will be recorded (Tiered) separately by leader/follower. The minimum number of couples (even leaders & followers) to make a contest eligible for recording/tracking is five (5). Should a Tier 2 contest have more than 10 finalists or a Tier 3 contest have more than 15 finalists, those contestants placing beyond 10th/15th place (respectively) in the final results will not receive a finalist point.


Tier / # of Competitors

1st Place

2nd Place

3rd Place

4th Place

5th Place


Tier 1 = 5-15







Tier 2 = 16-39






1 point 6th up to 10th

Tier 3 = 40+






1 point 6th up to 15th


TIER 1 5 to 15 Competitors (Could be run as a “finals only”, or perhaps semi and final)

TIER 2 16 to 39 Competitors (Should at least be run as a semi/final, but could be prelim / semi / final)

TIER 3 40+ Competitors (With this number of competitors, should be 3 rounds – prelim / semi / final)



  1. The WSDC only tracks and records points for Jack & Jill contests. Points will only be recorded for those who danced in the final round only.
  2. Each Competitor may only dance/compete in one skill level division.
  3. Points are tracked and recorded for either Leader or Follower role. Only points from ONE skill level competition per Event will be recorded. Each competitor has only one WSDC Competitor ID number and is only listed once in the Registry, but will have their earned points separated between Leader and Follower. The competitor’s total points will included points earned in both roles, for the total earned points needed to advance to the next level.
  4. Contests where the leader or follower dances and places twice in that division, that individual will only be awarded points in the highest of the two placements.
  5. For Events that combine divisions (i.e. Novice/Intermediate), points will be tracked for all contestants in the lower of the two divisions.
  6. For Events that have different category names per division, we may not record them. Note what divisions are recognized by the WSDC (see the table above).
  7. For Events that are held over New Years’ holiday, points will show as of December-end of that year (versus using January of the New Year).
  8. Points received prior to the last five (5) current years will not show on the Event Director’s copy of Registry Books. They will be archived and available to see on the website (in other words, they are not “taken away”).


Novice: A Competitor must stay in Novice until they have earned at least 15 points in Novice.

Intermediate: A Competitor must have earned at least 15 points in Novice, and stay in Intermediate until they have earned at least 30 points in Intermediate.

Advanced: A Competitor must have earned at least 30 points in Intermediate in order to move into Advanced.

All Stars: Not all events offer this division, and it’s elective to enter if you qualify. At least one of the qualifications to dance in All Stars is that the competitor has at least 45 current points in Advanced (earned within last 3 years).


Petitions: All Events should offer Petitions and it can be on the sign-up form. For fairness, a committee, including the Chief Judge, would consider the requested reclassification/petition after reviewing the dancer’s record. For Competitors, please note that if you have petitioned to dance in a higher/lower division at one Event, this does not “carry over” to the next Event. You may need to petition at the next Event as well. Petitioning should only be to dance one level up or down only, or to stay in current division. If a Competitor goes above or below one level from their qualified Skill Level, and the competitor finals or place in that division, that competitor will NOT receive any points for that competition. Once you have competed/earned (current) points in a higher division, you should stay in that division!


Some valid Petitioning reasons:

  • points earned in a very small or very large competition (i.e. recognized by the Tiers)
  • points are old (perhaps over 7 years)
  • accomplished dancer who has not competed at many Registry events to earn points and wants to dance ‘up’
  • qualified instructor, but without competition points, who should not be competing against their own students


The Points Registry is available at A published version (hard copy or soft copy), detailing the individual results up to 60 points and showing the past five (5) years of competing, is given to the Event Director (WSDC Members only) just prior to their Event.