Visiting Professionals

Gary McIntyre and Susan Kirklin

Jameson Kilburn & Daniel McGee

Jason & Annmarie Marker

Shay Dixon (LA Hustle)

Arjay Centeno

Nino Digiulio & Dawn Lara

Philippe and Flore Berne

Erica Smith

Maria Ford

Sheven Kekoolani

Angel Figueroa (Head Judge)

Toronto Swing & Hustle Pros

Mary Adams

Nelson Clarke

Julie Epplett

Kyle Fitzgerald

Steven James

Annie Lebedeva

Joanna Swanson

Shelley Saxena

USD Pricing at today’s exchange rate

Earlybird Pricing Now in Effect After June 26
Weekend Pass $180 ~$134 $190
Susan & Gary Intensive $115 ~$86 $135
Shay Dixon Intensive $75 ~$56 $75
Jack & Jills $26 ~$19 $32
Strictly Couple $42 ~$31 $48


WSDC J&J Newcomer, Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, All Star, Masters, Juniors

Strictly Swing Newcomer, Novice, Intermediate, Open, Masters

Pro-Am Strictly Swing Novice and Intermediate

J&J Hustle Newcomer, Novice, Intermediate, Advanced/Open and Masters

Just Hustle Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, Open and Masters

Pro-Am Just Hustle Novice, Intermediate and Advanced

Pro-Am WCS Routine

Pro-Am Hustle Routine

Rising Star

Swing 16 Tournament

Pro/All-Star Swustle Jack & Jill


Saturday Night pro show featuring US Open Champions

JT Swing Team performance

Open Video Policy

TOSHC funded WiFi in the ballrooms for everyone 😀

No-Audition Leveled Workshops

Late Night Hustle Room

Workshops for social dancers

Thursday Night Kickoff Dance

Saturday Night Beer & Pizza Party & TOSHC 10th Anniversary Birthday cake!

Sunday Night Dance at the hotel

24 hour on-site A/C Technician

Free entry for children 13 and under

Masters Meet 'n Greet hosted by Julie Epplett


WCS Intensive with US Open Champions Gary McIntyre & Susan Kirklin

Hustle Intensive with LA's Shay Dixon


Sheven Kekoolani

Clare Levy

Jacqueline Joyner


Jonathon Benedicto

Ariel Peck


Helen Tocco

Kristen Shaw

Toni Carroll

Donnie Neron

About TOSHC 2018

Another great weekend among friends! #TOSHC Congratulations and thanks to Scott Hughes and Deborah Székely for organizing such a terrific event, and to all the instructors for making it so worthwhile. Thanks to Shelley Saxena and Rhythm and Motion Dance Studio for hosting the afterparty — it was a really satisfying note to end on. 😀 Thanks also to all my peeps from Joy of Dance Centre and Toronto at large for making the weekend so enjoyable.

About TOSHC 2018

It was TOSHC's best year yet. Thanks, Deborah & Scott for giving us a (nearly) hometown event that we can be SUPER proud of! xoxoxo

About TOSHC 2018

So I finally have a moment to sit and write a reflection on what was an amazing dance experience... TOSHC!!! It was my second TOSHC, but only my third event ever, and it surpassed itself! The vibe was so amazing, friendly and supportive! I think we were able to showcase our friendly Canadian spirit. I made it a personal goal to extend out of my comfort zone and ask strangers to dance. It was wonderful to share dances with people from all over the world, including France and Australia, as well as people from all over Canada and across the US (California, Tennessee, Florida, New York, New Jersey and of course, Michigan!). The weekend was filled with great energy, great dances and great people!

About TOSHC 2018

Thanks to the entire staff and dancers who made this a fun weekend full of excitement and positive energy. Loved seeing everyone again and meeting new people. Already wondering when I can see you all again next!

About TOSHC 2018

Signs of a good dance weekend: - You stay up later than expected because you lose track of time - You develop a new dance crush - You have a dance that goes on your list of most memorable dances ever - You walk out of workshops excited and inspired - You genuinely have a great time competing - You can’t stop smiling all weekend long Thank you, Scott, Deborah, and everyone else who helped organize and run the Toronto Open Swing & Hustle Championships.

About TOSHC 2018

Had a lot of fun at #TOSHC last weekend! Being such a new dancer to the scene I felt very comfortable and welcomed! The social dancing was amazing!

About TOSHC 2017

If you're Westie-inclined and didn't go to TOSHC, do it next year! Like, stop whatever you're doing and just buy a pass already. I know they're not for sale yet. Do it anyway. ... This event had heart. The vibe was so positive and encouraging of everyone. It was as much about the rest of us as it was about the pros, and there were constant reminders to think of each other as people first, dancers second... something that is so important and so easy to lose sight of.

About TOSHC 2017

I've been told that at an event you can pick 2 things from the following: workshops, competitions, and social dancing. If you work the event you might get to pick one. Still had a great time. Thanks Scott and Deborah! ... Please come back next year (and bring a friend) #TOSHC

About TOSHC 2016

OMG I can't say enough about TOSHC in Toronto, Canada. Huge thank you to Deborah Szekely, Scott Hughes and all of the amazing team that worked so hard to make it happen.

About TOSHC 2017

Big huge thanks to everyone that contributed to this year's super amazing TOSHC. Scott Hughes and Deborah Szekely, you've led TOSHC down a wonderful path and put the event on a track for continued greatness. 🙂 It's more than exciting to see TOSHC with such fantastic energy, organization, and ridiculous amounts of fun.
Countdown to TOSHC July 11-14, 2019: