Event Photographers

The Chow Brothers will be snapping photos all weekend.  The images will be available on SmugMug for purchase without the watermark.  Scroll to the bottom of the dance events on SmugMug to find the Galleries from previous TOSHCs.

Marla Gold

Massage & acuBall Therapy

Experience Massage and acuBall Therapy with Marla Gold to re-energize your body so you can keep dancing at TOSHC. Dance-Massage-Repeat!

Marla is a Wellness Educator with over 15 years of experience working with people to ease aches and pains caused by bad habits of moving compounded over time. Her interests in the body and movement led her to training in acupressure, relaxation massage, Ergonomics and the Nia Technique (a dance fusion fitness class.) Marla is a West Coast Swing Dancer who absolutely loves WCS and wants to keep on dancing for a long… long time.

Stretching for Dancers (free with a Weekend Pass)

Join us in a stretch class designed especially for dancers. You will learn
1. Why certain areas of your body get tight from the repetitive movements in dancing.
2. How to release tight areas using heated acuballs.
3. How to stretch properly so your body feels re-energized and you can keep on dancing.

Stardust Dance Shoes

Stardust Dance Shoes will once again have a booth at TOSHC.  Click here to see their website.

Stardust will be bringing in Ballo shoes this year!  Both ladies and men’s.  If you would like to pre-order to ensure your size will be available, please contact Lisa Edwards of Stardust.  If you give her an indication of your size requirements, it will help her to have the stock on hand.

Sway’d Dance Shoes

“For Dancers, By Dancers”

Yes, Sway’d will be back at TOSHC this year!  Sway’d has women’s dance boots, slip-ons and men’s shoes.  Click here to go to their website.