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About TOSHC 2018

Another great weekend among friends! #TOSHC Congratulations and thanks to Scott Hughes and Deborah Székely for organizing such a terrific event, and to all the instructors for making it so worthwhile. Thanks to Shelley Saxena and Rhythm and Motion Dance Studio for hosting the afterparty — it was a really satisfying note to end on. 😀 Thanks also to all my peeps from Joy of Dance Centre and Toronto at large for making the weekend so enjoyable.

It was TOSHC's best year yet. Thanks, Deborah & Scott for giving us a (nearly) hometown event that we can be SUPER proud of! xoxoxo

So I finally have a moment to sit and write a reflection on what was an amazing dance experience... TOSHC!!! It was my second TOSHC, but only my third event ever, and it surpassed itself! The vibe was so amazing, friendly and supportive! I think we were able to showcase our friendly Canadian spirit. I made it a personal goal to extend out of my comfort zone and ask strangers to dance. It was wonderful to share dances with people from all over the world, including France and Australia, as well as people from all over Canada and across the US (California, Tennessee, Florida, New York, New Jersey and of course, Michigan!). The weekend was filled with great energy, great dances and great people!

Thanks to the entire staff and dancers who made this a fun weekend full of excitement and positive energy. Loved seeing everyone again and meeting new people. Already wondering when I can see you all again next!

Signs of a good dance weekend: - You stay up later than expected because you lose track of time - You develop a new dance crush - You have a dance that goes on your list of most memorable dances ever - You walk out of workshops excited and inspired - You genuinely have a great time competing - You can’t stop smiling all weekend long Thank you, Scott, Deborah, and everyone else who helped organize and run the Toronto Open Swing & Hustle Championships.

Had a lot of fun at #TOSHC last weekend! Being such a new dancer to the scene I felt very comfortable and welcomed! The social dancing was amazing!

What a fun event! Thank you organizers for bringing us all together. Everyone was welcoming, and everything was energetically positive. (I would normally say ``upbeat`` but the outstanding music, of course, included the downbeats! haha) I especially enjoyed the High-Low competitions (Isn't it great that the top level dancers so willingly and graciously opt to join in this ``mixer`` dance!), the combination of Swing and Hustle, the top-notch workshops from outstanding pros I'm so grateful to have met...and even the free pizza was de-lic-ous beyond expectations! But the best part was the people. Thank you to the new and continued friends alike for making this weekend what it was. You are the heart and soul of our dance community. I look forward to seeing you all again and again!

Coming down from #TOSCH #2018 has been a #slow #journey 🙂 I'm still reminiscing through so many #badass #moments! This event was #epic! ...From the madthatter reception with signature cocktail - a #toshtini - to the costume and hat show - to the seemingly effortless myriad comps, workshops, social dancing - to the beer and pizza extravaganza- EVERYTHING about this year at TOSCH was oozing with connection, community and the sensational support in this very special swing dance journey. I know it's been said, But: Scott Hughes you looked like you were on vacation every time I bumped into you! Bravo on bringing the power of Team together that made it possible! @dancedeborah , you sailed around at high speed ensuring the ship was running smoothly and feel free to deposit some of your amazing sass in my account anytime! #Kym Mckay - if the world ran on your clock we would all be in a better place! Branding design, theme nights, ballroom decor, fashion design, sewing extraordinaire and above all, a vision for #toronto to have a world class event, has set us up to expand in the future for our hometown event! Congrats to all who came, learned, saw, felt and enjoyed a taste of our #the6ix !! Can't wait to see what's cooking for #2019!! #madhatter #dancing #connection #community #support #swing #journey #team #branding #design #theme #night #ballroom #decor #worldclass #event #hometown

I recognize that AGAIN... I have missed a really wonderful weekend get together with some wonderful people sharing wonderful insights and a wonderful love of music and dance ... and gotta prioritize this next year. Sigh...

Thursday Night Party was rad at Toronto Open Swing & Hustle Championships (TOSHC) 2018!!!

What a weekend at the Toronto Open Swing and Hustle Championships! I'm so proud that this event is in our home town! Many thanks to the organizers, everyone that I had the privilege of dancing with and learning from and this whole community of supportive and encouraging dancers. #toshc #toronto #wcs #hustle

Congratulations Scott Hughes and Deborah S Székely.....WOW! what a weekend. TOSHC 2018. from the registration desk to the workshop teachers, everything was FIRST CLASS ALL THE WAY Thankyou very much for making such a joyful weekend for everyone. Excited about next year....

Thanks again, TOSHC Hashtag:WannaBeCanadian

Thanks Scott Hughes and Deborah S Székely for another super successful and crazy fun TOSHC event!! Until next year.....when it will be even more awesome. 😀

Thank you so much Scott for all the work you did this weekend on T0SHC. I had a really lovely time I left there a very very happy person!!

About TOSHC 2017

If you're Westie-inclined and didn't go to TOSHC, do it next year! Like, stop whatever you're doing and just buy a pass already. I know they're not for sale yet. Do it anyway. ... This event had heart. The vibe was so positive and encouraging of everyone. It was as much about the rest of us as it was about the pros, and there were constant reminders to think of each other as people first, dancers second... something that is so important and so easy to lose sight of.

I've been told that at an event you can pick 2 things from the following: workshops, competitions, and social dancing. If you work the event you might get to pick one. Still had a great time. Thanks Scott and Deborah! ... Please come back next year (and bring a friend) #TOSHC

Big huge thanks to everyone that contributed to this year's super amazing TOSHC. Scott Hughes and Deborah Szekely, you've led TOSHC down a wonderful path and put the event on a track for continued greatness. 🙂 It's more than exciting to see TOSHC with such fantastic energy, organization, and ridiculous amounts of fun.

I'm so proud of my home event. It continues to grow and develops every year. ... Things ran on time, it was focused, had amazing fun comps like Swing 16 which brought Douglas Rousar. Demery and Derek Leyva were amazing. John Lindo as head judge was of course, awesome. Met the totally fun Debra Hampton, watched my friends succeed in their dance journeys, #garbagecan congratulations. Scott Hughes and Deborah Szekely. Don't miss out on next year.

Just got home from TOSHC and let me say this: This event was so great that it cures concussions! 😉 It was awesomely run from comps to administration, the social dancing was out-of-this-world amazing, the comps were fun and on-time, and the music was great throughout the weekend.

...TOSHC was a wonderful party again this year. Got to spend time with awesome people, dance with amazing dancers and really take the time to enjoy the moment. Thanks to everyone who shared a moment, a conversation or a dance with me! You made me happy! 🙂 Also, if you ever have the chance to take part in the Swing 16 tournament, don't hesitate. It is way too much fun to do, watch and cheer to!

About TOSHC 2016

OMG I can't say enough about TOSHC in Toronto, Canada. Huge thank you to Deborah Szekely, Scott Hughes and all of the amazing team that worked so hard to make it happen.

Can I hear it for an awesome Canadian WSDC event ?!?!?! Holy crap!! This weekend made me SO proud to be a Canuck! The energy was tangible. From Ottawa's crazy group hugs, to dramatic poetry reading, the happiness was contagious. If you weren't there this year, make sure it's on your list next year !! #TOSHC2017

TOSHC was so great this year. Thank you to Scott Hughes and Deborah Szekely for putting together a team of professionals that created an awesome vibe. I was proud to be part of it. This was the best TOSHC ever and I can't wait to see it grow. To everyone who came, thank you for the dances and can't wait for next year.