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Weekend Pass $170 ~$128
Fly-In Weekend Pass $135 ~$102
Intensive $105 ~$79
Jack & Jills $20 ~$15
Strictly Couple $40 ~$30


Robert Royston

Kyle Redd & Sarah Van Drake

Cameo Cross & Ben McHenry

Nino Digiulio & Dawn Lara

Derek & Demery Leyva

Daniel McGee & Jameson Kilburn

John Festa

Dani Canziani

Debra Hampton

Doug Rousar


WSDC J&J Newcomer, Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, All Star, Masters

Strictly Swing Newcomer, Novice, Intermediate, Open, Masters

Hustle J&J Newcomer, Novice, Intermediate, Open

Strictly Hustle Open

High-Low J&J Swing and Hustle

Pro Am Routines - WCS and Hustle separated

Pro Am Strictly Hustle Novice and Intermediate

Swing 16

Rising Star


Open Video Policy

No-Audition Leveled Workshops

Workshops for social dancers

Thursday Night Kickoff Dance

Friday Night Meet 'n Greet Cash Bar

Saturday Night Beer & Pizza Party

Sunday Night Dance at Rhythm and Motion Studio


Masters Intensive with Robert Royston

Novice Intensive with Kyle Redd & Sarah Van Drake


Helen Tocco

Koichi Tsunoda

John Festa

About TOSHC 2017

If you're Westie-inclined and didn't go to TOSHC, do it next year! Like, stop whatever you're doing and just buy a pass already. I know they're not for sale yet. Do it anyway. ... This event had heart. The vibe was so positive and encouraging of everyone. It was as much about the rest of us as it was about the pros, and there were constant reminders to think of each other as people first, dancers second... something that is so important and so easy to lose sight of.

About TOSHC 2017

I've been told that at an event you can pick 2 things from the following: workshops, competitions, and social dancing. If you work the event you might get to pick one. Still had a great time. Thanks Scott and Deborah! ... Please come back next year (and bring a friend) #TOSHC

About TOSHC 2016

OMG I can't say enough about TOSHC in Toronto, Canada. Huge thank you to Deborah Szekely, Scott Hughes and all of the amazing team that worked so hard to make it happen.

About TOSHC 2017

Big huge thanks to everyone that contributed to this year's super amazing TOSHC. Scott Hughes and Deborah Szekely, you've led TOSHC down a wonderful path and put the event on a track for continued greatness. 🙂 It's more than exciting to see TOSHC with such fantastic energy, organization, and ridiculous amounts of fun.

About TOSHC 2016

Can I hear it for an awesome Canadian WSDC event ?!?!?! Holy crap!! This weekend made me SO proud to be a Canuck! The energy was tangible. From Ottawa's crazy group hugs, to dramatic poetry reading, the happiness was contagious. If you weren't there this year, make sure it's on your list next year !! #TOSHC2017

About TOSHC 2017

I'm so proud of my home event. It continues to grow and develops every year. ... Things ran on time, it was focused, had amazing fun comps like Swing 16 which brought Douglas Rousar. Demery and Derek Leyva were amazing. John Lindo as head judge was of course, awesome. Met the totally fun Debra Hampton, watched my friends succeed in their dance journeys, #garbagecan congratulations. Scott Hughes and Deborah Szekely. Don't miss out on next year.

About TOSHC 2016

TOSHC was so great this year. Thank you to Scott Hughes and Deborah Szekely for putting together a team of professionals that created an awesome vibe. I was proud to be part of it. This was the best TOSHC ever and I can't wait to see it grow. To everyone who came, thank you for the dances and can't wait for next year.
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Tessa Ali Architect

About TOSHC 2017

Just got home from TOSHC and let me say this: This event was so great that it cures concussions! 😉 It was awesomely run from comps to administration, the social dancing was out-of-this-world amazing, the comps were fun and on-time, and the music was great throughout the weekend.
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Irene Phelps Model

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